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Bro Ramsay McGhee - Grand Master Elect
         GMM Ramsay McGhee         



August 2022 - BIKE IT A MILLION

Our RWPGM has just completed his Bike Tour of all the Lodges in the Province in order to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer and to raise money for the GMM's Make it a Million Appeal (to go to Prostate Scotland). Here is a short but excellent video made by Brother Michael Longley.


Coronavirus - Latest Update
Lodges are beginning to re-open in accordance with the latest government advice and guidelines.



Coronavirus - Latest Update
As a result of latest Government advice and guidance, I'm afraid that I have no option but to advise all Provinces, Districts and Lodges that all Masonic activity will be suspended forthwith until further notice.

The situation as you are all well aware is changing by the hour
We will monitor developments carefully in order to reduce the risk to our membership across the world.

To the many Lodges who this year have milestone events please do not abandon your plans we will work hard to carry out all the events later ion

the year when it is deemed safe to do so. I will issue further information regarding points of contact later today.

Yours sincerely and fraternally
W Ramsay McGhee, Grand Master Mason


25th OCTOBER 2018

Today saw PPGM and our Brother Ramsay McGhee confirmed as the next Most Worshipful Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Scotland. I believe this is the first Grand Master from the Province of Ross and Cromarty and it is an oppointment that is well deserved and to which Ramsay is ideally suited. All of us in the Province wish our Brother well in this most responsible of offices.


18th AUGUST 2018

Today the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ross and Cromarty met up with the Widows Sons, a Masonic Motorcycle Club who are touring Scotland, to lay a wreath in memory of the fallen of World War One or "The Great War". After a breakfast of bacon rolls at Lodge Fingal in Dingwall, we proceeded up Mitchell Hill to to the War Memorial in Dingwall's Cemetery where a prayer was said and a wreath of poppies placed.

The Ceremony was well attended as can be seen in our Masonic Wreath Laying Gallery (click here)



The RWPGM of Ross and Cromarty Brother Robin Cattanach has selected the Mountain View School for Deaf Children in Malawi as his charity for his term of office.


The big story from the Province this month has to be the positive and speedy action it took when word came through from Bro Gordon Sheppard that there was a strong possibility of a cholera outbreak at the Mountain View School as a result of the water pump on the borehole packing in all together resulting in no running water whatsoever in the school, therefore no sanitation either.

The school could not afford to replace the system so it was agreed that the money which was raised as a result of the Race Night should be used to purchase a brand new solar based system costing just under £4k but which we have been assured will fit the bill for many years to come.

Mountain View School for the Deaf in Malawi
Solar Array which drives the pump for the well at Mountain View School in Malawi.

The following is an extract from a letter received from the headmistress, Modester Jere
"On behalf of the learners, teachers and hostel staff, I would like to thank you very much for this support rendered to us. The coming of the solar pump has eased a number of things at school for example; electricity bills for water, the movement of learners to boreholes. In addition, we are able to get water for the vegetables that we have grown at our school."

As Modester states, it’s not just the basics that have been sorted out now that water is back but they can once again produce vegetables for the benefit of the children.

As you will recall, the aim of the Race Night was to raise £2k. We have as a result of everyone’s generosity, raised about £4.5k – sufficient to pay for the solar system and next year's wages for the woodwork teacher. The Province has excelled once again.
While the Province has raised the money we cannot forget the immense amount of work carried out by the Brethren in Malawi under the leadership of Bro Gordon Sheppard – thanks to them the whole project was managed quickly, efficiently and a good deal cheaper than was first envisaged.


The Provincial Grand Master, Brother William Ross has decided to continue his support for the Blythswood Highland Food Bank for the coming year.
There is an ever increasing demand for the services of this Charity and any contribution of food or cash your Lodge can make, this will be gratefully received and passed on.

BRING YOUR DONATIONS TO YOUR OWN REGULAR LODGE MEETINGS – The appeal is on-going so keep donations coming in.


Once you have collected a sizeable amount of food you should make a note of what you have and then get the food to where its needed; at Blythswood. Brethren on the east coast should have little difficulty finding a local Blythswood shop, however if you encounter problems, liaise with a Lodge that is nearer a Blythswood shop and they can then deliver the goods with their own in due course.

Here are the staples as suggested for a shopping list by Blythswood :-

Breakfast Cereal
Rice/Pasta 1kg
Potatoes (Tinned or Instant)
Tinned Vegetables
Tinned Tomatoes
Tinned Fruit
Fruit Juice (Long Life or Dilute)
Tinned Soup
Tinned Creamed Soup
Tinned Ham/Corned Beef
Tinned Tuna/Salmon
Tinned Mince/Stew
Milk (UHT Whole Milk)
Tinned Custard/Rice Pudding
Tea Bags/Coffee



2011 was a significant milestone in Scottish Freemasonry and Scottish Freemasons celebrated this with the theme of helping others. It was the 275th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and they made the sum of £275,000 available to supplement the monies that the Lodges in the Provinces, worldwide, raised for external charities.

The province of Ross and Cromarty was allocated a sum in excess of £14,000 which was allocated to charities chosen by the local (Daughter) Lodges.

Representatives of each charity were invited to attend a Social Evening on Friday 22nd June 2012 at Lodge Fingal in Dingwall which was very well attended and all who were there said they enjoyed themselves immensely and that the buffet was spectacular. Thank you to the ladies and men who worked hard in the background, providing the food, music and refreshment to make this evening such a success.

A full list of charities to whom monies were donated can be viewed by clicking the link >> Charity Night at Lodge Fingal - Gallery


This year The RWPGM has chosen The Highland Food Bank (Part of Blythswood Care) for our Annual Appeal.

Highland Food Bank was launched in October 2005. They work in collaboration with around 50 partner agencies (both statutory and voluntary organisations) that refer to HFB to their clients who for various reasons are facing financial crisis and are unable to buy food for themselves. These clients are either given a voucher which they can bring to the Food Bank Centre in Inverness (open 12noon – 2pm Tuesday-Friday) to exchange for non-perishable food items, or else (if they live outwith Inverness or are facing a crisis on a day when the Centre is not open) are provided by the partner agency with an ‘Emergency Food Box’. The Food Bank Centre is in the Madras Street Mission Hall (kindly made available by the Free North Church) in what is statistically the most deprived area of Inverness. 

It is obvious to us all then, that without food the project cannot succeed.

We must all therefore look in our cupboards (and the supermarket) for dry goods and tins

Please try to ferret out a tin or two of soup or packet of cup-a-soup, or if you feel you would like to give someone in need a special treat;  tins of mince and Frey Bentos go down well!

BRING YOUR DONATIONS TO YOUR OWN REGULAR LODGE MEETINGS – You can be sure they will be very much appreciated! The appeal is on-going so keep donations coming in.




Masonic Christmas Concert in Edinburgh


The Grand Lodge of Scotland has noted with increasing concern the continued disharmony within the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise which has seen internal disputes develop into legal actions, including the French Courts having now appointed an Administrative Receiver over the legal entity of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise.

Whilst the Grand Lodge of Scotland has no wish to interfere in the internal affairs of another Grand Lodge the public schism within the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise and the manner in which it is being reported in the media is against the basic tenets of the Craft and is adversely contaminating the reputation of other Grand Lodges.

A meeting of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise scheduled for 27th June 2011, at which it was hoped a resolution to the present situation could have began, was cancelled and there is no indication that harmony will be restored in the near future.

The continuing state of affairs in the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise is liable to damage the International status of Freemasonry and it is therefore necessary that the reputation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland be protected.

Accordingly, with the specific authority granted to me by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, with immediate effect I regretfully suspend recognition of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Charles lain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont
Grand Master Mason
20th July 2011

In effect then :- Brethren will note that with immediate effect the Grand Lodge of Scotland has suspended recognition of the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise (GLNF). The effect of this action is as follows:-

• Brethren are not permitted to be received as visitors from the GLNF in any Lodge under the Scottish Constitution. 
• Brethren of the Scottish Constitution are no longer permitted to visit any Lodge working under the GLNF.
• Brethren who are members of the GLNF are not permitted to be affiliated to a lodge under the Scottish Constitution

Reigning Masters Meeting, 17th September 2011.
A meeting of all* the Masters in the Province was held on a beautiful Saturday morning at Lodge Fingal. Much business was discussed and the meeting was both informative and productive for all in attendance. Each Master round the table gave a synopsis of their Lodge and ideas for the future of Freemasonry in the Province. Especial thanks to the "Ladies" who produced a remarkable selection of sandwiches and baking for our buffet lunch. Minutes in due course. *Apologies from those few not in attendance.

Quarterly Communication, The Province of Ross & Cromarty 24th August 2012
The first Quarterly Communication conducted by the RWPGM Bro. William Ross was held in Lodge Fingal 318, Dingwall on August 24th. The meeting was well attended and there were many news items of note announced and minuted; one of which is a Meeting of Reigning Masters which will also be held in Lodge Fingal on 17th September 2012 at 11am.

Installation of the new Provincial Grand Master 11th June 2012
The Installation of Bro William Ross as PGM took place in the Averon Centre, Alness on Saturday 11th June. See the Gallery page for more post-installation pictures.

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